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Look for a Book in Lickey – 15 April 2024
Although only formed recently, some 100 books have been hidden locally for children to find. Starting with a treasure hunt, each book is free to the finder. With 1 in 4 children not owning a book, Becky Henman and Stacey Scott decided to be proactive.
For future events check their Facebook Page.

Great Britain XVI Steam Train – 14 April 2024
A non-stop visit to Barnt Green Railway Station saw a crowd welcoming the steam locomotive on its journey north. Heading to the Scottish Highlands, passengers were on a nine-day trip.

Lickey Cemetery Working Party – 20 March 2024
An overcast morning greeted volunteers at the Holy Trinty Church Cemetery Extension for clearence work. This was in preparation for the anticipated official ‘closing’ of the cemetery and handing the maintenance duties to Bromsgrove District Council. A programme of wildflower seeding has seen the area go purposely a little wild following the local PC’s initiative. Any unsteady head stones will be laid flat to ensure the safety of visitors.

Lickey War Graves Work – 7 March 2024
The invaluable contribution of Lickey Community Group members Roy and Sue Hughes includes regular visitors to the Holy Trinty Church Extension Cemetery for maintenance purposes. In collaboration with the War Graves Commission, Roy & Sue have dedicated much of their time to ensure these are kept in the best possible condition.

Wassail – 20 January 2024
The annual Wassail and Mummers play draws a good crowd regardless of the weather. This year it was clement, apart from a small icy patch. We were treated to morris dancing at the Visitor Centre as the Queen Pea and King Bean were anointed. The resurrection of the ancient tradition of the apple parade then joined the procession to the orchard. Much merriment, noise, warm apple drinking, a poem by Spoz and the dressing of the fruit trees with toast ensued. The rather enthusiastic Mummers play saw a city council’ assets being sold off to those in the audience.

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Alvechurch Mummers & Morris – 1 January 2024
The now established start to the new year as we gather at (pot-holed/car parked) The Crown on Withybed Lane, Alvechurch. Familiar characters with the usual story peppered with topical political satire. Suitably accompanied entertainment from local and guest Morris Dancers who all reassembled at the welcoming Weighbridge Inn just up the road for more of the same. Great family fun.

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